We manufacture a wide variety of fixed and mobile livestock yards including but not limited to sheep, cattle, goats and horses.


Our range of products include:

  • Loading ramps (available in different lengths, widths and heights, and also can be painted or galvanised in appearance)
  • Drafting races
  • Portable panels ( available in different lengths heights and materials)
  • Race supports (available with or without gates)
  • Gates in frames ( available in different styles and materials and sizes )
  • Sheeted panels (available in different lengths heights and materials)
  • Panel gates (available in different combinations eg 60% panel 40% gate)
  • Man gates
  • Curved races (mainly for cattle)
  • Bugles (mainly used for sheep and lambs)
  • Slide/ tilt gates

Please contact us for more photos as we have not put photos of everything on our website or if the product you are searching for is not listed please contact us to discuss your needs.

Loading Ramp


Stock Yards

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Cattle Crush


Portable Drafting Race

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Call Doug personally on 0427 284 500 for quality on-site welding and steel fabrication.

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